IKEA in Israel and delivery difficulties

IKEA have issued a response to the reports that IKEA delivers goods to illegal Israeli settlements, following a day of media headlines such as “IKEA transports furniture to the occupied West Bank”, “Only furniture delivery to Israeli settlements”, “IKEA furniture to illegal settlers”, “IKEA is accused of apartheid in the West Bank”, and “IKEA violates UN code of conduct”.

Statement by IKEA
Original statement in Swedish

IKEA in Israel and delivery difficulties

All customers are welcome to IKEA stores in Israel, regardless of where they live and without discrimination based on religion, race, or other issues. There has come up a discussion about the difficulties in delivering IKEA products over the border between Israel and areas that are controlled by the Palestinian state. IKEA stores have existed in Israel for the many people since 2001.

Inter IKEA Systems B.V. which is franchise granter and owner of the IKEA concept, requires that all IKEA franchises follow local laws and rules in the countries where they are working.

The government and authorities of Israel have set limitations that affect traffic over the border between the state of Israel and the Palestinian areas. IKEA customers that have purchased products at IKEA stores can choose to themselves transport the products home or to turn to a transport company.

After we have checked with local, independent sources we have received information that no transport company can, due to prevailing legal restrictions, deliver IKEA products purchased at IKEA stores in Israel to places such as the city of Ramallah, which is within an area controlled by Palestinian authorities. We are now following the developments carefully.

Corporate Communications
Inter IKEA Systems B.V.


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